Glimpses of new Great Green Okayness homes

By Rachel Awes on April 11, 2016

The Great Green Okayness has begun to ship! It has been SO dear to begin to see glimpses of this book’s new beautiful homes. I share a sample of the view with you here. This melts my heart, friends.

lara cornell havyn april 9 2016

carissa paige and the great green okayness

liv lane and the great green okayness

briana goetzen

kim geiser

carmen torbus

susan michael barrett

michael nelson

paula hutchinson

the phoenix soul amanda fall

jennifer richardson

lori portka's photo

You can find this book by clicking here: SHOP . The books and I will also be available Thursday, April 21, 6:30 pm at The Great Green Okayness book launch celebration at the Kolman & Pryor gallery, Studio 395, Northrup King Building, 1500 Jackson St NE, Minneapolis, MN.

With a deep bow to the magnificent people behind the lense of these photos and to all of you. Lara Carissa Liv Briana Kim Carmen Susan Michael Paula Amanda Jennifer Lori With all my love, xox Rachel

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