Much going on in my house

By Rachel Awes on May 30, 2016

There is much going on in my house, dear friends. How is it that there are these windows, where it seems everything happens at once? Of course, it is the human condition. Our shared joys and suffering. Our capacity to walk through with wisdom and gratitude. And the gift of each new morning. This past week there was a significant health scare with my mom, ACT results and college imaginings with our high school junior, Sam, and today, our son Abe’s 20th birthday. This weekend I went out to dinner with my guys and shared lively discussion about it all. And this morning I intend balance and plan an early walk with birds and bunnies of the earth. This is the rhythm I know. Be in it all together and then wash it through in the quiet. Use it all to make rainbows. Recognize every part as Okayness in The Great Green magnificent field of our life.

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In particular honor and deep joy of TODAY, I raise up my heart in overflowing joy for Abe’s 20 years of glorious life! I LOVE him so!


Find him in glorious motion here: Abe Awes’ Composition 1 Solo final

With all my love to all that flows through you, precious friends. xox, Rachel

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