Green sightings in bunnies, painting, and events

By Rachel Awes on June 6, 2016

bunny 2016

Happy June and all that it is for you. A few simple green offerings here for you. Beginning with a baby bunny sighting. ((melt!))

And everything seems to be a canvas to me if it finds its way into my home…

vase rachel awes

purse rachel awes

I’m now painting a traditional canvas to be printed for many and given to people at an event in late July (I’ll share more then!).

As for this week, I’m looking forward to signing books at The Context Cafe at St. Paul’s United Theological Seminary 3000 5th St. NW New Brighton, MN (open to the public, 4:00 – 5:00 pm) – followed by facilitating great green okayness dialogue in the summer theology classroom “Interfaith Dialogue: Building Bridges” at 5:30 pm. AND! To providing dinner in my home Sunday evening to a table of 8 dear hearts who supported my book’s Indiegogo campaign by purchasing a seat!

Grateful for it all and much love to you always xox

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