Listening to You

By Rachel Awes on May 4, 2018

This beautifully crowned artist is Maggy Navin 

Maggy made this crown for a child:

& made this one for her friend’s rabbit!:

& also makes crowns for adults!:

I’m also gaga for her violet mug & other marvelous makings!:

And here are some words from Maggy:
“Through my artistic practice, I seek to serve mother nature and acknowledge my most inner self with playfulness and reverence, with the belief that the objects we surround ourselves with can reflect our deepest values and to normalize socially sustainable/regenerative creation and consumption as a way to empower ourselves, support makers, and heal humanity!
Last Christmas, I ran a handmade gift drive called Peace by Hand which gifted one of a kind handmade creations to Chicago’s south side community, including: blankets, baby hats, soap, jewelry, crowns, and ceramics. The idea behind that initiative encompasses everything I believe: that handmade creations empower peace within ourselves, our community, and our world.”
You can find all this and more in her SHOP, WEBPAGE, & INSTAGRAM worlds!

If you would like your art/photography referencing listening here, please email me with 1-2 attachments, your links + short bio to

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