a family summer project

By Rachel Awes on July 30, 2012

our lil’ family made a gift together for our wonderful brother/uncle
(in plaid below)
+ wanted to share some glimpses w/you!

i’ll be in + out of blogland this august but still
creating weekly posts + checking in when i can.
sending out summer love xox

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  1. I love family projects!
    what a fantastic idea….I know
    he was pleased punchy!
    love to you
    and yours
    in all your creating:)

  2. sue awes says:

    and even more yummy and rich and amazing in person!

  3. how fabulous, the most my family will get up to is getting around a table and eating. i suppose that’s kind of a good project too 🙂
    x sandra

  4. Ben Awes says:

    The best part is when you lick it, it taste great!, although a little fuzzy 😉

  5. Kolleen says:

    this is so great!!!!!!!!!!
    i love it!



  6. Tammie Lee says:

    such a wonderful gift!
    wishing you a great August!

  7. Dee says:

    What a great gift…creative and made with love. 🙂 Lucky brother/uncle♥

  8. Amalia K says:

    That’s the kind of gift that will be cherished forever. Happy August to you! ♥

  9. What a wonderful and creative project idea. Its a plus points that it was made by the whole family. Unity is the key to its success.

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  10. Relyn says:

    That’s great, and made even more beautiful because you did it together. You are making sweet memories, my friend.

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