A few words

By Rachel Awes on December 13, 2018

A few thoughts from this corner of the world of late, with love…

A few words covering everything:

and griefs (they show up in all kinds of forms!):

and joys (our son Abe after a weekend of dance performances last weekend…the tall blonde w/glasses and our son Sam with our niece Michaela, extending many ordinary moments of kind listening…we were in a big group in a restaurant…I realize this pic has all kinds of alcohol in the background! Ha!) and continued fun with dressing up in Gudrun Sjoden clothing!:

& tonight’s FUN, co-teaching about celebrating and appreciating yourself and others with my dear friend SARK and you can see more here: http://planetsark.org/sww-open/

and last and most dearly, wishing each of you a life-giving and healthy holiday season, overflowing to forever and ever with contentment, joy, and peace. With LOVE, rachel

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