an imperative wrap-up with glorious YOU: pictures of some of your matches!

By Rachel Awes on January 20, 2014

susie's fab outfit photo (8)here is our heart-fashionable niece, susie! to lead the pack!


 “since hitting my mid-50’s i have been able to dress to make ME happy… which means color, lots of color.  wearing a sundress of blues, and my multi colored dreamcoat, PLUS an owl apron made me happier than you can imagine.” sandi tygar

sandi apron

 lorri lennox says “this dress + my handmade necklace makes me smile”

lorri lennox 1513715_10152184915671913_986915567_n

“my husband and i met ‘living on the edge’ as paramedics. We worked 24 hour shifts and raised a family. we LOVE tattoos and motorcycle riding. i am at my peak under stress, especially at work. being ‘edgy’ is at my core of being, my foundation. this edginess does not surface much in my dress as much as i would like as there is not much time we can ‘go out’ or ‘hang out’ with friends. last year brad and i had pictures taken of us. i wanted those images to express our ‘edginess’ and the deep love we have for one another. what i am wearing in the pictures, well, it is my foundation i wish i saw more of… my funk, my spark, proud of being bold and standing apart from the crowd (especially in kansas!).” amy david

amy david and her husband photo 2 (1)

“never before have i worn “cute” hats. i was afraid i’d look ridiculous. silly. my sister-in-law made me this one. i wear it. and love it. and i don’t care if i look silly, because it makes my heart happy. now…on to skirts. baby steps.” stephanie huhmann sharpstephanie 734083_10202989792008000_2122790199_n

“fun shirt anthro. leggings target. boots vintage. velvet coat boutique.” kelli may-krenz

kelli may-krenz IMG_4044

“corduroy skirt that can also be worn inside out, fleece-lined leggings + columbia boots from sierra trading” sarah taylor

sarah taylor photo (43)

+ fabulously last, lorraine sumners snapped this pic of her dress for me during a recent bus ride in her home town, australia…

lorraine sumners 1549437_10152150763151797_1314544423_n

thank you so much for dressing up in heart matches beside me! you look so good on you.

~ looking forward to sharing new art next week. all with love. xox ~

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  1. so much beauty blooming in each shining flower…..I love the way
    you stir the richness to rising in each of us, Rachel.
    thanks for wearing your heart on your sleeve,

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