bead show with my mom!

By Rachel Awes on April 20, 2015

my mom + i went to a bead show! my finds will be stored as treasures awaiting later attention, as my little corners of time for creativity must be prioritized for scrumptious writing now… but i had to play! it is penned into my genetics. my mom makes jewelry, + her mom made jewelry…

me n mom n beads

mom and bead valleys

for alex

“for alex!”, she said! (thinking of the purple for our oldest son’s lovely girlfriend…so sweet)


mom replied somberly “hmmmm”… (too bright for her! i LOVE how we are each fabulously distinct!)


my finds collected into a rainbow! ((someday they will reform into wearables!))


someday all our colors,

the blush + running reds,

will drop their modesty.

they will race after you.


like they mean it. like you are worth it.

then, you will know.

there will be no more lingering questions.

it will be settled.

you are worth being sought after + always have been.

((always with love, xox, rachel))

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