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By Rachel Awes on June 25, 2010

i recently met jen from! it is so fun to meet a sister art blogger in person! she was wearing a super cool fish necklace & carried a polaroid camera & was complete with dreams swimming around in her heart & is more beautiful than she even knows!
we talked about how special this blogland of friends is. lots of love poured out to all of my dear blogland friends & by the way, what ice cream flavor would you hope for? xo

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  1. Kim Mailhot says:

    Blogland Love is So SWEET ! I have been lucky enough to meet some wonderful blog friends in the “real” world too and it is such a treat. Who knows, maybe the Queen will be out MN way some day…
    As for ice cream dreams, when I was a kid the ice cream shop near us always had Tiger Tail – orange ice cream with black liquorice swirls in it. I have found that flavor for a long time now so I guess that would be my dream ice cream…
    I hope you have a weekend filled with ice cream dreams, Lovely Rachel !

  2. Nevin says:

    I want that ice cream please… it’s look like gelato!! yummy XXX

  3. ELK says:

    how fun to meet a blogger … and a friend!! it can be a magical place blogland

  4. chrissy says:

    this is WONDERFUL!
    please tell me that the two of you ate those ice cream cones!!!
    can.t wait for our turn.

  5. rdn says:

    WHERE did you get those cones??? I want the one on the left please.

  6. Kolleen says:

    i love this!!!
    it is a really special moment when you meet someone you have been “talking” with face to face!!! i had that experience many months back….it was really special!!

    and girlfriend….i am ALL ABOUT the banana ice cream!!!!! my fav as a little girl and still is to this day!!!

    happy blog love to you

  7. sherilee says:

    That lovely ice cream cone photo was the first thing I saw when I pulled up Facebook this morning. It made me very happy, those lovely colors, so summery and beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Blogland love is such a lovely addition to all of our lives. xo

  8. mmmmmmm….anything raspberry! Chocolate, an added bonus!

  9. S. Etole says:

    summer fun colors in those cones …

  10. feralcompass says:

    Bannana Raspberry. Please.

  11. lori vliegen says:

    how fun to meet a bloggy friend in person!! and there’s nothing better than an ice cream cone to make it official!! i hope i get to share an ice cream with you someday…..i’ve got chocolate sprinkles that i’ll share, too!! xox, :))

  12. risa says:

    You were at Izzy’s, weren’t you…my favorite ice cream place! Nothing says summer like Izzy’s! (I even have a painting…Ode to Izzy’s!)

  13. hello rachel! my day was such a mess, and it’s now almost over and i am finally catching up with my online friends… i love this photo and i am so fortunate to have crossed paths with you! looking forward to our next meeting.

  14. and how fitting, i’m comment 13 above! my lucky number! πŸ™‚

  15. how fun! I think it would be great to meet a fellow art blogger and have ice cream! I’m like you and feel warm and fuzzy inside with my blogger friendships… nothing like kindred sprits and it turns out that there are so many of us with the similar feelings, likes, frustrations and lives… I love to read about others and I love to share about mine. great post today πŸ™‚

  16. Mariana says:

    I absolutely adore Jen. I don’t know her in person but she is so incredible kind! I got the link to your blog via hers!
    Ice cream…yum!


  17. Damion009 says:

    your blog is amazing… I’m glad I found it!

  18. That ice cream looks sooooo good! Wow- good and beautiful πŸ™‚

  19. wanda miller says:

    how great is that to meet up…so happy for you two!!! and yum, i’m licking my screen!!!
    your work is so wonderful that you’ve done since i’ve been gone…you are soooo fulllll of life and it shines through in every piece you produce. xo

  20. elizabeth says:

    How fun! That mint chocolate chip looks pretty good. I have a carton of Grandma’s Cake Batter ice cream in the freezer – it is pretty good (cake batter ice cream + sprinkles + a cream cheese swirl).

  21. hatjunkie says:

    amazing how many cool women I have met blogging. My son and I have been trying to eat the ice cream photo.

  22. Faiza says:

    this makes my heart happy! πŸ™‚

  23. Yummy! And what fun you must have had!

  24. What a delicious treat! Bloggy friends are great, aren’t they? I’m lucky enough to have a hubby who enjoys making homemade ice cream. His dark chocolate truffle ice cream is to die for!

  25. wanda miller says:

    thank you, you are just a doll!!! i think i love you…wait…i know i do, you are so fun!!! xo

  26. Kathianne says:

    So happy to count you as a blogland friend. You’re such a creative and loving soul and it comes through in each of your posts and comments.

  27. Ces says:

    Here’s to good friends
    and real friends
    and honest.
    They brighten our days,
    enrich our lives
    make us laugh more,
    smile wider
    and give thanks!

  28. Face to face with friends and ice cream…what could be better?

  29. aimee says:

    lucky you! i adore that girl. i can’t believe it’s been a year since she tootled 8 hours south to make soap and lip gloss with me. now i need to make the trek north so i can see her and meet you, too!

  30. Elizabeth says:

    You are absolutely right. It is a wonderful thing to meet blogfriends. Last january I met a bunch of them at the blogcamp Julie orgnized. Talking till wee hours, endless cups of tea, creativity bouncing off the walls and a lot of beautiful pictures since there was a surplus of cool photographers. My heart still sings when I think of that special weekend and I am glad you could share such a yummy icecream with your blogfriend and create an unforgetable memory.

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