BOOST weekend, online, with SARK & I for FREE!

By Rachel Awes on October 23, 2017

a reTREAT BOOST invitation, for FREE!

reTREAT BOOST invitation, for FREE, weekend of 11-11!!
Are you wishing to carve out time for a creative project (loosely-defined & inspiration-designed: whether writing, painting, sculpting, mandala-making, listening, closet-organizing, Facebook-commenting, a first stepping..?)

I will be working on my book (writing/illustrating) that weekend & occasionally checking in on Facebook (Click here: Facebook page), with supportive hellos from Minnesota, alongside the colorful soul of Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy doing the same, from California 

This is called a BOOST to recognize a reshuffling of agendas & time: I was in San Francisco with SARK, the last week of September–we had designed both fun friendship time, & writing retreat time to share with YOU, which we did in part! Midway through, our agendas changed–fevers rose up in us both! (This zebra dress was a find that sent me to freaky-out bliss, in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Fran, during the window of wellness  )

Who is in?! I hope to hear from you on Facebook or here, sharing photos, comments, greetings, the weekend of 11-11! Sending you LOVE & ENCOURAGEMENT, as you honor & play with the language of your muse! XOX

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