Cheerful heartening

By Rachel Awes on October 16, 2019

My dear friend and sister Gudrun Sjoden ambassador, Kelly Rae Roberts and I, found ourselves in a gushing stream of affirmation as we tried on a mother lode of clothing in Gudrun’s New York City store. This gush wash included saying if something didn’t look as good as another thing, but serving only to point out each other’s best gorgeousness. I was out of breath at moments, with seeing and saying how amazzzzing something looked on Kelly Rae, and more to the point, how amazzzzing the clothing highlighted HER. As if this wasn’t enough praise, we upped the affirmation anty. She told me we were reminding her of the hilarious teen movie “Booksmart” and how these two girlfriends were saying awesome things about each other in funny ways. Taking their lead, our affirmations in trying on rooms became “Someone call the police!” and “Who gave you perrrrrmission?!” We were appropriately STUNNED by our dazzling appearance in Gudrun clothing and unapologetically let each other know! Lifting, lifting, lifting!

Here is the point I am meaning to make, dear friends:  Let us ALL see each other into a sisterhood of cheerful heartening.

“Is solace anywhere more comforting than that in the arms of a sister?” – Alice Walker

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