cherry tree

By Rachel Awes on February 26, 2010

i was listening to “black horse & the cherry tree” by kt tunstall on the radio & then this happened…

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  1. I love that song…I’ve seen her in concert 3 times. This is lovely x

  2. Faiza says:

    so appreciate the juicyness you live in.

  3. Manon Doyle says:

    I adore that song!! Love the piece!!

  4. ELK says:

    oh the skirt . oh the cherries . make me smile


  5. Kim Mailhot says:

    Love that song.
    Love cherries, too.
    A day in the life of a cherry tree would be perfect – in spring with the blossoms upon my branches or in summer, abundant with fruit…
    Thanks for this image, Talented One !

  6. S. Etole says:

    amazing things happen when you listen …

  7. Lisa says:

    Mmmmm…juiciness….yummy. I love when the energy of music flows right through and transforms into such beauty!

    Seriously, I have the taste of cherries in my mouth right now and the desire to CREATE. Thank you!

  8. Kolleen says:

    Big black horse and a cherry tree
    I can’t quite get there ’cause my heart’s forsaken me….yea yea!

    love it…music is my therapy!!! i pretty much have it playing all waking hours through out my house!! the inspiration it brings is like no other…just look at the beautiful creation that came out of you through a song!!! gor-juss!!

    stop by and visit on a monday sometime…i post monday music inspiration!!!!

    sending love and hugs!!!

  9. Bubbly cherry goodness and more cherry bubbly goodness in this eyefull soulful yumful!

  10. Amariah says:

    oh, I love this!!!

  11. Melissa says:

    Dear Rachel,
    When oh when will you come out with a coffee table book of your artwork? Because I will buy it. In fact, I will buy twenty copies to give as gifts. I will be the first person in line to have you sign them. And I will wrap them in big bows for the people I love most. Because your artwork makes me cry. It makes me laugh. It makes me think.

  12. Kelly Berkey says:

    i LOVE kt too! oh how music inspires the artist in us!

  13. the wanderer says:

    i agree with the coffee table idea. move your color out to the world.

  14. lori vliegen says:

    i can’t think of anything more scrumptious than a cherry tree…..well, except for this sweet little illustration of yours!!! i LOVE it!! :)))

  15. Liv Lane says:

    I will now have that song in my head all day and your art in my dreams. She is lovely!

  16. rachel awes says:

    *lovely women* thank you for your gor-juss comments!! & the coffee table book encouragement! your rays of sunshine are nummy nourishment for a tree like me. xoxo

  17. Rachel, your art is so refreshing and lively! I love your bold use of color. So nice to meet you.

    -Krista Meister

  18. aimee says:

    absolutely delicious!

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