climb toward the light

By Rachel Awes on April 4, 2011

“and how do the roots know

they must climb toward the light?

and then greet the air

with so many flowers and colors?”

pablo neruda/the book of questions.


spring love to you. xo

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  1. Diane says:


  2. I never stop grinning and gasping
    over all the magnificent moments
    packed into those simple stringy roots!
    Love the newborn green
    and the AMAZING photo of YOU!!!
    Oh beauty.
    Spring love to you rachel,

  3. C.P.Adorio says:

    Because of phototropism?


    Good morning Rachel.

    Glad to see a post from you!

  4. Kim Mailhot says:

    We all know to reach towards the light. The spring roots have taught us !
    Much Spring love to you too, Beautiful Rachel !

  5. Mary says:

    something planted deep inside…

    Rachel love the new photo of you…so full of life and joy!

  6. Kolleen says:

    thank you my friend.

    big loves to you.


  7. Brooke says:

    Thank you for this. Going to feel into the wisdom here:)

  8. Janet says:

    However they know I’m happy they do it. I love the story of birds singing the plants awake in the springtime.

    Happy Springtime to you!!

  9. Ohmygoodness, I just found this blog (via Meg Goodmanson of The Dancing Path), and I am in awe. Your art style and words speak to my soul and are so easy to listen to, to feel. They nourish me <3 Thank you <3

    I have an online group that I just started, and I wanted to share your blog, and I thought it would be an exquisite treat to share at least one of your pieces (to show everyone what I am talking about). Would you mind if I shared one, if I linked it back to your site? Do you have something else you prefer?

  10. Julia says:

    Oh…spring. New life, green, buds & blossoms, flowering trees, warmth, chirping birdies…I’m in love with it all. And I’m in love with you, beautiful Rachel.

    You just have my heart. <3

  11. What a beautiful thought to carry around for the whole day. Magical! Thank you!
    Love to you xo

  12. Tammie says:

    so lovely~
    and lately
    I have wondered how the spring plants grow
    just under the snow reaching towards the light~

  13. LauraX says:

    an excellent question…the light glowing through the leaf is magnificent Rachel!

  14. wanda miller says:

    …and to you…i am thrilled you came by and picked a flower…you ARE bright yellow, you know! love your new photo of yourself! HUGS AND SPRING KISSES!!

  15. Jenny Blair says:

    a brain boggling question for sure…and the best answer being…just because! πŸ™‚
    Sooooo can’t wait for those leaves to start popping out and grace the land with a zingy green.
    Spring love being sent back to you with a HUGE dollup of gratitude and heartfelt hugs for such wonderful words of support that you leave on my blog. Thankyou.Thankyouuuuuuu!!! :)xxx

  16. Love it!
    You inspire me always!

  17. Cathy Bueti says:

    Always inspiration to be found here with you! Thanks for sharing this! πŸ™‚

  18. My baby was playing with my iphone, and she deleted your email to me! So sorry <3 But I wanted to thank you for your permission and blessings to share your blog (and a piece of your art) in my budding community I started :) Here is a link to the thread:

  19. Suz says:

    So beautiful, Rachel. And such a green leaf. I just love that. Pablo Neruda is wonderful!

  20. Every leaf as a silver lining. Beautiful.

    So many questions, so many wonders. There’s always the scientific answer, and then there’s the answer I always prefer: It’s magic.


  21. Thank you for this Spring Love… so beautiful and so appreciated πŸ™‚


  22. julie king says:

    indeed, how do the roots know?! lovely words and stunning photo!

  23. Theresa says:

    I think they like the feeling of the sun on their face.

  24. Without light nothing can grow. Nature needs it, we need it…light is life. Sending you sunshine and warm wishes.

  25. Laura says:

    Love that Neruda quote… And the fact that spring is finally in the air! Yesterday really felt like spring, but today we’re getting a good dosing of April showers in Baltimore. I guess, in addition to precious sunshine, all living things need a nourishing rain once in a while… Hope you’re having a lovely day!

  26. Suvarna says:

    Ah Neruda, *sigh* … yes always climbing toward the light

  27. Yael says:

    Oh yes, she is right, you ARE bright yellow! And green! Yes, very beautiful green!
    And I love your new photo too!!!
    Big hug!!!

  28. The Islander says:

    Lovely poem…great thought. Thank you.

  29. Lori says:

    Hi sweets! Your profile picture makes me want to SQUEEZE you! Much love to you dear one πŸ™‚

  30. What a stunning photo and poem. Happy Spring to you.

  31. This is beautiful! We all want to grow towards the sun in a safe and loving way!
    Loads of lovexx

  32. How do roots know to climb towards the light??? I love the poem! It’s wonderful. Sending you a million hugs

  33. Martha Lever says:

    Hi Rachel! THanks so much for your comment. I just love your art! It’s fabulous!

  34. Frivolitea says:

    I am thrilled to have discovered your blog! I found it through your comment at shona’s blog. Happy spring and I will be back!

  35. plants know…and that is the wonder of it all!

  36. Carissa says:

    Just what I needed to Sea in this moment
    As I ride atop new leaves
    On these waves of life

    You are an effervescent (sp?) Bush!


  37. Gillian says:

    I did come visit you earlier but children, groceries, cooking dinner and having a short nap took away from my time to comment here. I love your art! Nice to *meet* you!!!

    See you on the group page and thanks for your visit also.

  38. Ahhh, Pablo Neruda, one of my favorites, so deep and wide and beautiful!

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