daily giveaways ~ day two!

By Rachel Awes on October 15, 2013

welcome to rachelawes.com
+ daily giveaways week, day two!
today’s giveaway of prayer flags
are from the gloriousΒ lori portka
to enter the giveaway, become a new subscriber to this blog
(see the envelope shape in the header above to click, or writing on the
right-hand side of this blog to do so),
+ then leave a comment at the bottom of this post, including a way to reach you.
i will count your entry twice if you also let me know that
you’ve shared about the giveaway on your blog/facebook/twitter!
there will be different giveaways daily all week, so be sure to check back!
i’ll pick names randomly sunday + announce winners next monday.
all with love! xox

(to see lori’s full gorgeousness…check out her website at http://loriportka.com!)

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  1. Marsha Moody says:

    I enjoy your work and love your prints thanks

  2. LOVE this!!! Subscribed, sharing on FB and Twitter!

  3. Angela says:

    Very exciting! I love Lori Portka and I love discovering new artists that do such uplifting, inspiring artwork!!
    Much love,

  4. Shari says:

    hi Rachel! Love the new site! Always so inspiring!

  5. kelly barton says:

    i own a set and they are gorgeous. whoever wins is a very blessed peep!

  6. Carly Stevens says:

    Hi Rachel, have subscribed and will share on my inspirational page ‘Let’s Get Gruntled’ where I met the beautiful Lori. Also will share on my art page ‘Artful’ and the other pages I manage. I love your work and will be promoting that too. Love and light, Carly πŸ™‚ xx

  7. Pearle says:

    These prayer flags are beautiful! Sharing this on FB!

  8. Michele says:

    Would love to see these hanging in my office.

  9. Aubien says:

    More beauty to make the world brighter. You know, I think the world needs this kind of happy art more than ever. Thank you for another chance to win!

  10. Lauren says:

    Oh how wonderful! Love this! Subscribed and tweeted! @laurenginger

  11. Aubien says:

    … forgot to say I shared your giveaway today on facebook.

  12. Serena berry says:

    This site is pure deliciousness!!!!sharing the love on FB too. Xoxo

  13. Angie Glaze says:

    So beautiful.. And inspirational!

  14. Lisa says:

    Beautiful flags!! I subscribed and posted on fb.

  15. erica says:

    subscribed!! and just shared on twitter πŸ™‚

    (i’m a huge lori portka fan!)

    thanks for this chance to win.

  16. Kelly says:

    Your new site is beautiful Rachel! So warm and inviting. I’m all signed up (why wasn’t I before?) and crossing my fingers for the prayer flags. xoxox

  17. Crystal McKnew says:

    I love your work. It makes me so happy! I would love to be the winner.

  18. Sue Brassel says:

    it is hard to believe i wasn’t signed up before now. kelly barton’s post gave me a little nudge! i am also sharing on facebook.
    prayer flags would be awesome for my office here at work.

  19. Alexis Antinossi says:

    Thank you for opportunity! I would love these prayer flags! And I’m going to share out on my Facebook page!

  20. playcrane says:

    Lori and Rachel’s work makes me so happy!

    Sharing on fb and twitter.


  21. Heather says:


  22. Raine says:

    Ooooohhh, your new site is GORGEOUS! So vibrant, happy and cozy. Awesome awesome work!

  23. Briana says:

    Oh, I love prayer flags, and have been admiring Lori Portka’s work for years!
    I shared a link to your new site on Facebook yesterday.
    I also signed up for your newsletter.

  24. nina says:

    love this and your site!

  25. Sherri says:

    How beautiful is your new home! I’m sharing on my Facebook and Twitter. And I’ve already shared your amazingly wonder-full books!

  26. Nancy Lefko says:

    This is stunning! Thanks for the opportunity.

  27. Nancy Lefko says:



  28. Nancy Lefko says:

    Oh, and shared on Facebook too πŸ™‚ Thanks!!

  29. I love the colors. I love the images. And I love the messages on your prayer flags.
    I’m sharing on FB and twitter.

  30. Trisha says:

    I love these almost as much as Rachel’s work (*play*). I subscribed I’m sharing on Facebook too!!

  31. Kathy Adler says:

    Big fan of peace flags here!

    And now, a big fan of you and Lori Portka! Subscribed and shared on FB. Thanks!

  32. Jamie Herron says:

    The prayer flags are wonderful! I shared on my facebook page. And, I just tweeted it, as well!

  33. Lisa says:

    Just beautiful work!

  34. christy says:

    love this SOOOOO
    shared on FB with my pals!!!!!

  35. Kelly Watts says:

    Rachel; your new site is lovely. I have subscribed. Congratulations.
    Hugs and blessings.

  36. Leah says:

    Rachel, both you, and your art, rock!

  37. Julie says:

    Love your stuff! Glad I found out about you thanks to Lori Portka! πŸ™‚ subscribed!

  38. Rebecca Allyn says:

    You are such an inspiration to me! Thank you for sharing your beautiful soul with us! Blessings to you and your family! Happy to be a new subscriber plus I am sharing on FB.

  39. Julie Ryver says:

    Subscribed and sharing in Facebook. This prayer flag is gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win! πŸ™‚

  40. your work is so beautiful, colorful and full of good mojo! these prayer flags are great too! i shared on fb and started following your blog. looking forward to posts!!!

  41. Lori says:

    We love your art-especially partial to the prayer flag. Sharing on Facebook and subscribed to daily email updates! Blessings and smiles to you

  42. Lynda says:

    What a beautiful banner…would love to win it and pay it forward to my friend Serena who recommended your wonderful blog. Thank you for the chance to win!

  43. Lanie says:

    Wouldn’t this be some wonderful art inspiration from my little home studio! Love this! Thank you for the opportunity to win it. πŸ™‚

    lanie at laniejandco dot com

  44. Lori says:

    I love the new website, Rachel! And you are so generous to offer celebratory give-aways.

  45. Francine says:

    I used to have Lori’s beautiful prayer flags, until I gave them away. I’m looking forward to decorating my new office with another set.
    Lori’s work is so beautiful – bright and cheerful with heartfelt messages – no more Hallmark cards in my house! I have shared on Facebook.

  46. janet higley says:

    became a new subscriber…love the prayer flags!

  47. love lori’s artwork, and i’d love to have her prayer flags! so colorful & inspirational.
    i’m sharing on Facebook!

  48. Veronika says:

    I absolutely live Lori’s work. Beautiful website. You can find me on instagram veronika_m


  49. Linda says:

    Beautiful work – how beautiful to see this inspiration each day.

  50. Tracy Wiegman says:

    I absolutely love your art work and am intrigued by your book, looking into buying it. I also love Lori’s art as well. So glad I came across this on facebook, posted by a friend. I also shared on facebook. Keep up the good work!

  51. Karen says:

    Love the name of the book. Prayer flags, what a great way to get everyone involved. Well done.

  52. Nita says:

    …I am already a follower of your blog πŸ™‚ It comes right into my email through BlogLovin’ πŸ™‚

  53. Kathleen says:

    I really love your art –

  54. Christine says:

    What a lovely idea these prayer flags I think I subscribed problem is going straight into spam but think it all worked in end thank you for givaway

  55. Beth says:

    Yummy!!! I’m at eamorey at g mail.

  56. Joyce J. says:

    Do you have to be a new subscriber to enter? I did share about your site on Facebook today.

  57. Lisa says:

    Hi Rachel,
    I subscribed on Monday, but haven’t received your posts…Not sure what the problem is…I confirmed the subscription, too. Just wondering if I’m the only one with this issue.

  58. mary says:

    i’m delighting in all that continues to burst forth from your heart, mind, and spirit, rachel. u r ever-effervescent, my friend.

  59. Maria says:

    These prayer flags are so pretty! I always love new artist recommendations.

  60. shiana says:

    love the new site~

  61. Janet says:

    Beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway!


  62. Lindsay says:

    These are gorgeous!!!

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