Day 2 of 7 day challenge!

By Rachel Awes on February 19, 2019

Today is day 1 of the 7 day challenge to add spring to the step of our winter by wearing and sharing spring clothing on social media for 7 days in a row, February 18-24, 2019! The invitation is to post photos of you that delight you in places like FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest, and use hashtags like these so we can find and brighten one another: #7daychallenge #springinwinter #gudrunsjoden …

Today I have on a whole party of a spring explanation!:

Gudrun Sjoden’s spring line of: striped dress, pants in lyocell spandex, sneaker in nappa, and citro socks (& from Gudrun’s previous collections: scarf & necklace w/big blue and green circles)

AND a long necklace of bunnies made from my sweet friend Kelli May Krenz, a knit hat from another dear friend, Cindy Steen Elizondo, a bracelet hand drawn by yours truly 😉 and other vintage jewelry.

Are you in?! All with love! xox, Rachel


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