Day 5 of the 7 day challenge!

By Rachel Awes on February 22, 2019

Today is day 5 of the 7 day challenge to add spring to the step of our winter by wearing and sharing spring clothing on social media for 7 days in a row, February 18-24, 2019! The invitation is to post photos of you that delight you in places like FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest, and use hashtags like these so we can find and brighten one another: #7daychallenge #springinwinter #gudrunsjoden …

I actually don’t play the piano (unless chopsticks counts or listening to piano music!)… I am playfully sitting in the atrium of an independent living facility where my mom lives and she LOVES it when guest musicians show up. In honor of spring AND my mom, I’m wearing Gudrun Sjoden’s spring citro sweater and striped dress, along with Gudrun’s scarf from a previous season, vintage jewelry, and a bracelet made by yours truly 😉

Are you in?! All with love! xox, Rachel

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