dressed to soar

By Rachel Awes on November 26, 2012

a new invitation
to soar
(please click on pic to see bigger)
(etsy added w/love http://rachelawes.com)
interviewed me via skype + made this vimeo
please click on this link if you’d like to hear more
about the back-story of the making of the book
“all i did was listen”
all shared w/love
+ thanksgiving for each of you.

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  1. oh, look at your wings,
    bright firefly:)
    i’m so grateful for the
    beauty of your light
    and how you shine it brave
    and true!
    thanks for stirring our lights,

  2. christy says:

    happy flying wings and rainbow legs for extra kick!
    thanks for helping me WAKE UP right

    ps. will come watch the video this evening after work 🙂

  3. You art always inspires ~ love it!

  4. Ana Boswell says:

    She’s gorgeous! *love love love*

  5. kelly barton says:

    so much goodness!

  6. Enjoyed your interview and learning more about you Rachel. So excited for you and wish you great success with your book. I’ve got it on my wish list!!!

  7. Jane says:

    Hi Rachel! Just ordered my copy of your book on your Etsy store. Congratulations, what i’ve seen is truly wonderful. Looking forward to owning my copy. hugs, Jane x

  8. I can feel the faint breeze as she flutters her wings. Breathtaking!

    That video was so much fun to watch! I loved every minute of it. You both are incredibly loving and wonderful. Four years?! Wowowowow. I believe it. A lot of heart and soul and work in those lovely pages.

    Happy weekend, dear Rachel! xo

  9. aimee says:

    wonderful!! i hope your book is flying off the shelves… it is so inspiring!

  10. wanda miller says:

    OMgoodness…she is so wonderful with all her feathers! i think we should make some leggings to wear out together, JUST LIKE HERS! xoxo

  11. Hi Rachel… oh it is on my wish list to get your book down the road. I just know your heart is spread in beautiful colors all through out the pages.

    Love your Dressed to soar and that is what I plan to do soon. I’m facing some knee replacement surgery on the 18th after having an injury and I am missing my nature walking which revives me. So I’m going to work really hard on recovery with the exercises and therapy and be dressed to soar really soon.

    ♥Lee Ann

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