for the season

By Rachel Awes on December 10, 2012

bringing back a lil’ collection
for the season
all living in the land of etsy
as prints + cards
with love 

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  1. these stir the twinkling
    in my heart
    in such a strong sweet way
    …..THANK you
    for shining so bright
    this gray day:)

  2. aimee says:

    oh gosh…that first one… I am in love!!! happy happy happy to you rachel!

  3. ~Kristina says:

    That last one is so awesome.

  4. Trish says:

    At last I seem to be able to leave a comment! (I think it is my computer that has the problem)
    Gorgeous designs.. so happy, and inspiring.x

  5. I SWEAR you have me floating a full 5 inches above my chair with these heavenly bits of awesomeness. Makes it kinda difficult to type.


  6. denthe says:

    Oh, they look great! Especially love “lit together”

  7. Isabel says:

    Love them all:O) Happy Holidays:O)

  8. Jenny Blair says:

    I love your festive collection…. messages of truth. xx Thankyou so much for your wonderful words and cheers..they are felt all the way over here :)xx

  9. Nice to see this art. Thanks….

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