for YOU! a 7 week “all i did was listen” group! out of my st. paul, mn home!

By Rachel Awes on August 25, 2014

i’m offering a 7 week “all i did was listen” group for up to 7 people to pour through 7 chapters, out of my home in st. paul, mn! the intention of this gathering would be to create a contemplative listening place in your life, much like walking in the woods or sitting next to a big body of water. a time to hear what there is to hear + see what there is to see inside. it’s what we all yearn for, yes? to be seen, safely + compassionately? + meet with like-minded souls?

7 weeks 7 people 7 chapters

meeting tuesdays from 4-5:30 pm, september 30 through november 11. we will use the book “all i did was listen”, with seven chapters, as a spring board for conversation. each week i will facilitate our gathering using questions posed at the end of the book, drawing from each chapter, as inspiration for conversation/listening, such as “what stories of me are told in the places of my purse/junk drawer/closet?”, “do i sense something new for me in the rumblings of my life” + “how am i stepping into my life + following my intuition + being myself?” the group cost is $235.00, which will include a hand-signed + illustrated copy of the book “all i did was listen”. you can sign up + find out more details by emailing me at

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