By Rachel Awes on May 12, 2014

you are invited to enter this giveaway for the book “diving in”, complete with an added drawing + note to you in the inside cover…

me holding the book with dolphin tee IMG_3786[1]

here’s how you can enter…

buy one book from + receive 3 entries.   share about this giveaway on your blog/website or facebook + receive 2 entries.   if you are a subscriber to my blog or become a new subscriber to my blog, receive 1 entry (click here: subscribe).    NEXT, send me a quick email at to let me know of your entry(s) + i will draw a name out of a hat sunday + announce the winner here next monday (may 19, the week of my bday!), along with sharing new art.

also! for those of you who either buy a book this week or share on your blog or facebook, i’ll mail you all a free greeting card with my art (+ gratitude from the deeps!)

all with love xox

also! this week in events: wednesday may 14, 5pm CST i’ll be creating art online through the 21 secrets live workshop + anyone can sign up + play along or just listen!: 21 secrets live. + thursday may 15 in the evening i’ll be part of an evening of signing books + sharing dreams at corAzon in minneapolis. + friday may 16 from 7-9 pm i’ll be signing books + doing some kind of drawing at the kohlmann + pryor gallery at the art-a whirl at 1500 jackson st. ne, #395, minneapolis art a whirl 

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