giving away original pages

By Rachel Awes on February 4, 2013

here are some of my original typings + scribbly notes
from the rough draft of “all i did was listen”.

i came across them as i began to
finally clear a space
of pilings
from the four years of making.

i need to
in order
for anything new
to really emerge.

i have two manuscripts i’ve partially begun
+ i’d like to return to them.

i wonder if anyone would want these pages…
what i do know is i need to let them go.
in this spirit, i will give them in two parts to the next two people
who order my book here
(please note “pages” in the note in your order +
i will announce the winners on my facebook page)

with love to all your emptyings + emergings,
xox rachel

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  1. aimee says:

    what a treasure! I love that you recognize the value of your writings and the process of letting them go so that you can make something new. I know they will be cherished by the new owner!

  2. This is wonderful treasure indeed. i think your words will go where they are most needed… xo sandra

  3. sending love and lifting hope
    that just exactly the hands
    that need to hold
    those rich gem-like pages
    will receive them,
    in every way a person
    can receive treasure.
    your book is priceless,

  4. What an incredibly unique and wonderful opportunity! These pages will surely be cherished. xoxo

  5. wanda miller says:

    what a MARVELous idea, YOU! XO

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