gold stars for “all i did was listen”

gold stars copyREVISED

“rachel’s words and art are an uncommon elixir that travels straight to the heart by way of the soul. her book is simply a spiritual must. i’ve dreamed about its pages and know you will too. profound, transformational, and elegant.”

“i was so moved by this lovely and honest book by rachel awes. i found myself returning to its pages day after day for a daily dose of meaningful inspiration. rachel’s gift for pairing her unique illustrations with touching, often profound, wisdom spoke to my most tender pieces of what it means to live bravely, love deeply, and pay attention to the beauty that exists in our everyday lives. “all i did was listen” truly inspired me to lean into my life a bit closer, and take a closer listen for all big and small ways it teaches, uplifts, and heals.”
kelly rae roberts ~

“for the record… rachel awes’ book is the most polished, professional self-published book i have ever encountered… and i see a lot of them…. buy it and give it…you know someone (like me) who needs it!”
lin salisbury ~ community relations manager at barnes + noble

“i fell in love with this book from seeing it online. the art attracted me to it first.. but then when i received it and read through all the wonderful bits of wisdom and healing words.. I FELL IN LOVE. one of my favorite books ever. i purchased 15 books for my girlfriends and sisters for christmas everyone loved it! i have this book in my art studio as well and whenever people come to visit and play.. they always seem to find that book and then MUST KNOW where they can purchase it! TRULY a great book! thanks rachel for this wonderful present to all of us!”
christy tomlinson ~

“if rachel awes’ book “all i did was listen” is not already a part of your permanent book collection – i highly suggest you change that today! this book was a beloved companion for me as i navigated my way through a very difficult time last year. honestly, it felt like a gift from heaven as each night before i went to bed i made room for a few pages of the wisdom, encouragement, and honest reflections that fill the pages. but even more delightful about this book are rachels’ whimsical drawings that dance color and joy all over!!”
connie hozvicka ~

“i was first attracted to the title and concept of this book, but even then i really had no idea what i was getting. this book is full of aha moments and makes you want to love others and yourself just as you are. rachel has a way of saying what’s on all our hearts, it’s deep validation and the lovely illustrations that go with her words are the perfect touch. when a book is really good i hold it to my chest as if breathing it in or hoping it will become a part of who i am. this book is that good! don’t make the mistake to just get one. i promise you’ll want to share this goodness with others!”
laura sennott ~ mssmartiepants on facebook

“because i adore this book, i bought copies of All I Did Was Listen for a whole group of girlfriends and they’ve all been blown away by it. it’s an easy read – and yet so deep and profound. you can read it cover to cover, or just open it up to any page and find the wisdom you need for that day. one girlfriend called it a “gasper” – because she keeps finding herself gasping at the aha moments and beautiful insights she’s stumbling upon!! everybody wants to give their soul sisters a gift that produces that kind of reaction!”
liv lane ~

“thank heavens i kept two copies from the girlfriend pack for myself! one copy is covered in colourful doodles, comments and exclamation points, with “aha” moment pages torn out and placed on my frig and in my journals. one copy remains pristine as a 2013 bible of sorts to travel with. rachel, you soooooo ROCK!!!!”
marilyn turnley ~ artist

“this book fell into my hands and i simply could not put it down. i carried it everywhere; it was like having my best friend with me. the beautiful words that string together insightful thoughts and dance with unforgettable images leave you with the most gorgeous sense of connection. rachel awes manages to make you feel as though you are not alone in what you experience in life by reminding you that there are people out there who “get it”. this book is a place of solace. it is laughter in the rain, a midnight conversation, a heart dangling from a shirtsleeve, a listening and understanding friend, a gift that keeps on giving and a vibrant, joyful celebration of what it means to love yourself and others just as they are – splendidly, perfectly imperfect human beings!”
natasha reilly ~

“rachel’s book is in my bag(s) now, always. i am carrying it more loyally than my datebook.”
valeri blossom ~