gold stars for my artwork

gold stars copyREVISED

“rachel’s illustrations offer themselves to us as the most trusted of companions; always extending a hand to hold, a chair to relax, or an ear to just listen. her words and colors have a way of working themselves inside me and making me wonder how she knew exactly what i was thinking and feeling.”
aimee dolich ~

“rachel’s art is far more than decoration in my home: it’s a treasured friend, a spot of happiness and inspiration i return to whenever i need soul-reminders. her poetic illustrations whisper right into the core of me, offering comfort, encouragement, laughter, or spontaneous tears of “oh yes, this is my truth.” through juicy color, whimsical linework, and delightfully fresh language, rachel’s work companions me every day.”
amanda fall ~

“rachel’s prints adorn my life + move me…far beyond my walls. these colorful strands send me deep into the sea, the woods, the sky. they are tangled into my every beat.”
carissa paige ~

“rachel’s prints are joy and light on crisp ribbons of paper…one of my favorites for gifting and lifting the hearts i’ve got gentle on my mind. they’re medicine and magic wrapped in loveliness that lasts.”
jennifer richardson ~

“when rachel draws back her bow, get ready, because her arrow will go straight through your heart. that’s how it felt when i first saw “butterfly wings”…this sudden pang in my chest. i keep this beautifully made print in my office and each time i stop to read it, i catch my breath at the thought of that amazing butterfly. i start to wonder if i’m like the butterfly at all…and then there it goes again, rachel’s arrow sinking just a little deeper.”
karla aron ~

“rachel’s prints and quotes have such new/old depth, showing EVERY soul on earth that there is HOPE, LOVE, and POSSIBILITIES. one little “quip” from this woman can make you jump up and shout with glee, go forgive someone, just BE who you were meant to be, with no questions asked, no turning back. her spirit THRIVES in her delightful paintings, and in turn, ENLIGHTENS the world. rachel’s art was meant to SHARE and thankfully, ANYONE can be a part of her LOVE and UNDERSTANDING. her words and prints are POSSIBILITIES UNEARTHED!”
wanda miller ~