gold stars for “The Great Green Okayness”


“The Great Green Okayness is an uncommon book. Reading it is a revelation, an opening to the goodness within that we may scarcely dare to believe in. Rachel Awes sees our innocence, believes in our innate goodness and guides the reader, like a master poet, to embrace life’s great work: the embodiment of love.” Henry Emmons, MD, author of The Chemistry of Joy, The Chemistry of Calm and Staying Sharp.

“This is a book to be sipped and savored. With an economy of words Rachel cuts straight to the deep–to the reassurances and revelations that release inner pressure valves, giving you room to breathe, to smile, to let yourself gloriously be.” Jen Lee, Filmmaker and co-author of The 10 Letters Project.

“The Great Green Okayness is bursting with light and goodness. Rachel is the best listener we have ever met in our lives. In her presence, you feel really seen and heard. This feeling is the heart of her book. Reading it brings you back home to your glorious magnificence! We love it so much!” Lori Portka & Liv Lane, co-authors of Infinite Purpose 

“The Great Green Okayness is inspiringly beautiful and provocative. Rachel’s stories, along with her magical drawings, promote self-reflection that linger long after one has finished reading its pages. An important book with an infinitely important message: You are not a work in progress. You are a beautiful you.” Colleen Baldrica, Author of Tree Spirited Woman.

“We are constantly bombarded with messages, both good and bad, about who we are and our place in this world. Rachel Awes teaches us how to take control of those messages by being kind to ourselves. The Great Green Okayness is a delightfully illustrated guide to self-acceptance and finding joy. I LOVE this book!” Elizabeth Ries, Twin Cities Television and Radio Personality