Happy Birthday!

By Rachel Awes on October 17, 2016

Sweet friends, I’d love to introduce to you a few magnificents with birthdays, beginning with this love heart:


This is my friend Lucy, who I wildly love. She greeted me in a restaurant last week with dancing me in one circle to the left and then another circle to the right. She held my hands tight. She prayed over our lunch and thanked the ingredients, like the tomatoes, for being here. She wanted to know what I am excited about. She shared with me that she trots in parks when no one’s around, and how she likewise enjoys horseback riding. She will turn 80 in November and I now raise my palms up, thanking the ingredient of her magnificent life for being here.


And here is my mom, Gloria, and I, celebrating her 86th birthday with delicious Chocolate Turtle cake! She swoons for all things sweet, colorful, with beads, classical/opera/musicals/yiddish/romantic music, hugs, and theatrical/warm/loving/effusive people. She would prefer to pass on any mathematics, computers, multi-tasking, and loud rock tunes! L’chaim, Mom! To life! For anyone passing through St. Paul, MN, Cafe Latte is a must!


And happy birthday TODAY to our Sam, with the right of passage of 18! This is a photo of one of his college visits this fall. He is walking into so much splendor and he overflows with awesomeness. There isn’t enough space on this page to say it all about this man.

Thank you, each of you, for being here. LOVE, XOX Rachel

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