By Rachel Awes on December 23, 2013

010013 heldetsy added with love: https://www.etsy.com/listing/119755711/held-colorful-print-by-rachel-awes?ref=shop_home_active

“held” was my chosen word for 2013 + i find myself grateful for such encounters.

next week i’ll share my word for 2014 (are you considering one? would love to hear your thoughts! + i’m also looking forward to sharing the process of a painting i made this month. see you soon, dear ones.)

happy hanukkah + christmas + all that rests in your heart.. aren’t we rich?! xox

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  1. wanda says:

    I love you. xoxo
    and HELD, so special, so utterly special, I didn’t know…maybe that will be mine for 2014…not sure yet!

  2. amelia says:

    I feel I have been clinging, keeping, holding oh so many negative things in my heart, in my soul, in my life. It causes so much fear, insecurity and anxiety for me. But more importantly it supports excuses to stay stuck, in an old path, to prevent growth and opportunity and Living. So my word for 2014 will be will be about letting go, of any hurt, frustration, feelings of inadequacy and procrastination. I see so many new stories, heartfelt and real, such strength and truth and honesty building beautiful things and I feel ‘i want to do that.’ But I Think that I can’t, because of old worn out patterns and practices, old beliefs and fears. So my word for the coming year will be Release. Plain and simple and life giving.

  3. rachel awes says:

    DEAR amelia,
    a big hug to you in your release.
    i also love your words of plain + simple + life giving.
    i hope for you all of these.

    • Precious says:

      Another person especially get a great deal studies We’d disorder. The first-time Simply put i went to website and therefore solution? My wife and i shocked aided by the evaluate you made to supply this genuine submit exrroardinaty. Very good venture!

  4. Laurie Anne says:

    I am still waiting for my 2014 word to come to me.
    The first word I claimed in 2011 was Rebloom.
    2012’s word was Flourish and 2013’s word was Soar.
    I am impatient for know what my word for 2014 will be
    but it is funny how words sometimes take their own sweet time to manifest.
    I look forward to reading what yours is.

    Have a very happy new year!


    • Rachel Awes says:

      laurie anne,
      words do seem to choose us…
      what a gift!
      much love, rebloomed, flourishing, soaring one.

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