i am not alone

By Rachel Awes on May 2, 2011

this picture is a scene

from one of my dreams.

how i love this wolf.

happy may.
(etsy added w/love)


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  1. Oh my goodness!!! I LOVE this piece and the words and everything about it! Wow.

    I wish I dreamed this sort of dream.

  2. Diane says:

    I would love to go with you into one of your dreams!

  3. I love the gentle protective
    strength of your wolf:)
    Not alone, indeed.
    Happy May, beautiful dreamer.

  4. Yael says:

    Are you “the woman who runs with wolves” Rachel?

    Dreaming about a wolf or wolves can have many meanings, both ways – it seems to me, that your wolf is a very protective one, one who can be trusted, one who will always appear when he is needed – the woman in green (is it you?) looks very comfortable with him – what a lovely scene…

  5. ELK says:

    to remember a dream and make it alive on paper in such a special way is a true gift … you are both looking at something..happy may my friend

  6. Kolleen says:

    oh Rachel…. i love this so much!

    and you are not alone my friend.


  7. Janet says:

    Another fantastic piece! You have such a gift for creating drawings that seem simple but are truly much more than the few lines you use. This one really speaks to me.

  8. I love that we are sister-dreamer-bloggers
    with our posts. What a nice way to start
    a new spring month! The wolf is beautiful.
    You are never alone..You send out so much love,
    that I imagine you have angels around you all the time! xxoo

  9. Very cool to capture your dream through your art, I love your work!

  10. Megan Coyle says:

    so lovely πŸ™‚ dreams are such a wonderful gift for creativity.

  11. Mary says:

    Happy 3rd day of May…:) I am a little behind in everything.

  12. Clare says:

    dreams provide the best material for art. this picture is wonderful – your work is wonderful.

  13. Julia says:

    Rachel…I have a thing for wolves and I just love this image. So much comfort & peace & sweetness in knowing that we’re not alone.

    Your words of gentleness made all the difference for me on Sunday (I wrote a bit about it in yesterday’s post)…I just adore you, beautiful, present, shiny one. β™₯

  14. Milena says:

    Am reading Women Who Run With Wolves so this print totally reflects where I am right now πŸ™‚ The bright and beautiful flower eyes of the wolf are so lovely.

  15. Suz says:

    Rachel, Rachel,
    This blows me away. And I am so glad that women are still reading “Women Who Run with the Wolves,” like your reader above. This is just a treasure! The wolf is so big and powerful, yet so sweet and gentle. I might need to live with this one.
    Running to the store to check for this rich picture!
    Big hugs,

  16. Sounds like a sweet, calming dream. I love the flowers in the wolf’s eyes.
    A huge dinosaur appeared in my most recent and very vivid dream! Not so sweet :))

  17. aimee says:

    i love her slightly coquettish pose! this one is a beeeauty!

  18. Eydie says:

    Oh Rachel,

    Your wolf is so loving, supportive and intuitive. How beautiful she came to you in your dream.


  19. happytrees says:

    If I dreamed like this I’d never want to wake up! Your artwork is always amahhhhhzing!!!

  20. Oh goodness, what a regal animal! This is beautiful! You have such a calming effect over the wild four legged creatures as you do over me. xoxo

  21. This is exquisite.

  22. lori vliegen says:

    oh to have a little flower on my dress, or flower eyes……absolutely dreamy!! you are definitely not alone, sweet artist friend! have a beautiful mother’s day!! xox

  23. Carissa says:

    A Glorious
    Dreamer Dreamed Dreaming
    Being be-eee-eee-eeing!

    I am reading/listening to a book on tape by clarissa pinkola estes on dreaming & intuition!



  24. Jessie says:

    Happy May to you too Rachel πŸ™‚ I love your drawings.xx

  25. S. Etole says:

    What a very special dream …

  26. Jenny Blair says:

    Yes..I completely KNOW you DO run with the wolves..oh wise and wolverine one πŸ™‚
    Such beauty you capture in lines and colour..blows me away. Happy happy May to you :)xx

  27. PixieDust says:

    I cannot get over how incredibly distinct your art is -and absolutely beautiful!

    Happy May Month! πŸ˜‰


  28. Love to you and your dreaming!
    Very comforting that wolf is…
    Happy Mothers Day to you Beautiful Rachel!

  29. chrissy says:

    do wolves eat yogurt?
    if so, feel free to bring yours!
    wink wink


  30. Amalia K says:

    Hello there Rachel. So glad you came visiting with your little boat, and now I’m returning the visit with mine. Although it’s leaking a bit here and there. πŸ™‚

    I can just imagine how surreal this dream of yours is. I dreamed of wolves many times, even with my eyes open. πŸ™‚

  31. Cathy Bueti says:

    so cute Rachel! I love this! xo

  32. Tammie says:

    this piece of art is wonderful~
    so many of us have a nostalgic feeling about wolves.

  33. Brooke says:

    I so love this. How beautiful.

  34. pretty and strong and comfortable with herself…
    I want to be her. xoRobin

  35. karla says:

    o, intrigue! wolf? from your dreams? i’m buzzing with curiosity. this is quickly becoming one of my faves of your work {i am aspiring to owning a print btw}. i don’t know how you do it .. i am in awe of the sentiment coupled with the art that you come up with. you have the gift {and you also give the gift, come to think of it}.

  36. sperlygirl says:

    oh, you have such lovely work. i love the ‘fluidness’ of your lines. beautiful.

  37. Oh, how special this dreamy piece is and how much I love your wolf and girl together! Very touching and very VERY beautiful!

  38. RW says:

    Here via Christina’s blog
    love this image very much.
    hope to come back and read more later.

  39. Shayla says:

    Your blog is full of so much creativity. You are certainly crafty and I plan on keeping up with you and your work. XOXO

  40. LOVE this!
    So simple, so pure, so full of heart x

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