i love my hands

By Rachel Awes on December 7, 2009

i was with a new circle of women for a weekend & we were introducing ourselves, by saying our names & stating something special to us. one woman held her hands out for us to see, turning them right side up and down, stating she loves her hands…that they have held her child & beading & creating. this moment took my breath away. here’s to the right side of all our beauty!

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  1. How magical that your necklace fit all the way around the hand and yes to how thankful I am also for hands, so thankful!

  2. Melissa says:

    I love this post! It reminds me of a friend who finds great symbolism in her feet and her relationship with God. She had a cross tattooed on the top of her foot as a reminder that wherever she walks, God walks with her.

  3. tuniemb says:

    Love the image, love the idea of hands and feet holding an entirely different kind of beauty for the beholder!

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