imperative: two weeks of daily clothing to match my heart

By Rachel Awes on January 17, 2014

pink top photo (21)necklace from the lovely

pink legs TWO photo (23)

+ like with kelly, i love to wear friendship (socks gift from m’ deer

late in 2013, our younger son (age 15, sam) asked me, rather out of the blue, “do you have any normal clothes left?” + i replied with laughter. oh friends, prepare for people to notice when you allow yourself to be seen. when you step out in full color. + also know that my laughter joins you here. my joy + celebration of your authentic + brave life. sweet love to you always. xox

(please send me pics of YOU + your outfittings to + let me know if they are for my eyes only or ok if shared here monday! thank you!)

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  1. bella sinclair says:

    Oooooh! Hello, sunshine! You have a new home! Aw man, you glow from the inside out. I imagine the sound of tinkling bells follows you wherever you go, and that you leave a trail of rainbow pixie dust. What fantastic color! Shout it out loud! I’ve missed your zest for life! Bless and bliss to you too. xoxo

    • rachel awes says:

      oh bella, how i love thee!
      thank you for your generously kind words!
      sending rainbow pixie dust to you + your girls
      + to all the sweet little boys + girls + creatures you create.
      blessblessbless xox

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