Announcing the first online workshop of “All I Did Was Listen: A Workshop to Awaken and Nurture Your Authentic Life”, AND, another “in-credible” summer book post!

By Rachel Awes on August 3, 2015

I am so excited to share this ANNOUNCEMENT with you! (And please scroll through this whole post, as I am also including the next page from my book “In-credible” at the bottom of this post!) I will be making available, for the first time, an online workshop called “All I Did Was Listen: A Workshop to Awaken and Nurture Your Authentic Life”! It will be available through an amazing online place called “Brave Girl University” and you would have the opportunity to take any and all of the workshops they offer!

Unique and first time offerings will be:

  • 7 audios of each chapter! I will read the whole book “all i did was listen” to you! (You can find the book here:
  • 8 videos of accompanying me on a tour of listening, awakening, and nurturing your life!
  • In addition to including the book’s back pages of reflection questions in downloads, I have made available new exercises that can follow your audio/book/video viewings/listening!
  • 6 original illustrations will be included from the book’s original draft that are not included in the published book (there aren’t seven, as the third chapter “Wake up” was added later)!
  • 7 photos will be included from the beginning of each chapter in the book!

♥♥♥ you can click on this link to learn more about this “Brave Girl University”!:


you can sign up anytime, and it begins in just one month!


as the timing of this workshop announcement about awakening comes forward, here is the next page from my manuscript “in-credible” about waking up! it seems it is time! all shared with love! xox, rachel

(page 10)

10 wake up

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