“in-credible” summer posts AND infinite purpose!

By Rachel Awes on August 17, 2015

this summer, i am posting a page a week from the first 15 pages of my 78-page manuscript “in-credible”, that i wrote + illustrated in 2013. i haven’t pursued publishing it, as other projects seemed to catch my attention more strongly. it was, nevertheless, made for you, + here i will share a sampler. maybe i will publish a short run of “in-credible” at a later point. i am open to your feedback! (you can always write me at rachelawes@gmail.com or find me on facebook!) the timing is good for these posts here, as i am busy creating my next book, which i will publish, + both sons are home for the summer. i hope your heart is lifted + delighted by these pages. i send them to you now with my love to all that is within you. your “in’s” are truly credible. xoxo

(page 12)

12 wake up

and on a whole additional note! i am bursting to share book news from my dear friends, liv lane and lori portka! they have begun taking pre-orders for their amazing book called “Infinite Purpose”! I have just pre-ordered mine and am so excited to have it in my hands!


You can click over here to read more about this book’s wonderful wisdom and art and also see their inspiring video: INFINITE PURPOSE PRE-ORDER SITE AND DESCRIPTION! i am SO proud of them and in awe of what is possible within us all! with much love! rachel

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