It’s a small world after all, plus some baking, bathrooming, spring, & cats!

By Rachel Awes on February 5, 2018

I love the reminder of what a small world we have, after all, with how deeply connected we each are. Someone bought a few art prints from me to give away to her friends, and got them in time before flying out to California to gift her first one, whose word of 2018 is to “Shine.” She sent me this photo the next day, saying, “You aren’t going to believe this!” along with this photo of “Molly,” who is a dear heart I met through another friend a couple years ago. Not only do I adore the reminder of our miraculous interconnected relationships, but also how soulful messages persist to find us, repeating their encouragement, “Shine, shine, shine.”

& speaking of shining…in the depths of this cold Minnesota winter, here are a few other things I’ve been up to, to warm up my heart, like baking this delicious Orange Cake!:

Orange cake ?
Add 1 t lemon extract and 1-3 oz packet lemon instant pudding and 3/4 cup orange juice and 4 eggs and 1/2 cup oil to yellow cake mix. YUM!!! (& simple powder sugar & vanilla & milk for icing)

& together, our family designed & had our old bathroom remodeled!

& in the land of Gudrun Sjoden, spring has sprung! you can find all kinds of delicious colorful garments and read interviews from some of the clothing ambassadors here:

And then I count my blessings for sweet moments, like this one, where I was over the meow-moon to be twinsies with my sweet veterinarian friend, Suzy, in our Gudrun Sjoden cat tunics‼️ She has the most tender heart and I am humbled to call her friend & bask in such a love bubble ? I think such moments speak to the little girl within, and I send much love to your inner child too!

Happy Valentines Day to all, with the spirit of embracing your every beat, your tears of joy & sorrow, all that you hold in the open & in secret, & with so much love always, xox Rachel

♥♥♥New spring artwork releasing in upcoming March 19 blog post♥♥♥

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