last night’s gallery opening

By Rachel Awes on January 11, 2014

me high res photo (41)

it stuns me still. how much we need to meet this world with our real selves + how we have it in us to do so.

i’m so grateful for last night’s gallery opening at lynnhurst congregational church in mpls, mn. i’ll be there again tomorrow/sunday morning in the gallery at coffee hour (around 11/12) + then the show stays up through march 7/m-f 9-2 + sunday mornings. all with love.

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  1. hope it all sparkles and is as wonderful as you look here xxx

  2. Congratulations, Rachel–You keep expanding and growing and shining! So happy for you, that you’ve found another place to share your heart art : )

  3. Briana says:

    Yay you! And look at those pink boots! How awesome are those?!!!
    You look fabulous, and I hope you had a wonderful time!

  4. It’s joy and light
    to see you showing up
    and meeting this world
    exactly as you are
    and it so inspires me
    to do the same…..thanks for being such
    a brave traveling companion:)

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