Let’s lift off together

By Rachel Awes on November 8, 2017

I’m returning to New York for more adventures with Gudrun Sjoden for just a couple days, with specifics to be announced later, and then excited to return in time for this weekend of 11/11, to focus again on my current book writing. My dear friend, SARK, will also be writing this weekend! If you would like to join us and create this weekend too (in ANY way, out of your own homes/spaces), we would LOVE it! You could share comments and photos of what you are up to on either of our Facebook pages this weekend HERE! Let’s lift off together! You are supported and loved!

In the meantime, check out Gudrun’s “Tales of Empowerment” page HERE & HERE! 

Myself, along with other Gudrun ambassadors, were in a photo shoot in May, and there will be individual stories shared at these links showing up over the next few days, meant to uplift and empower.

With all my love! XOX, Rachel

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