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By Rachel Awes on January 4, 2013

the first lovely artist is maryann mckeating
Mary Ann is a self-taught artist and licensed speech-language pathologist, who finds inspiration in just about anything and everything around her. In addition to making art, Mary Ann loves yoga, gardening, antiquing/junking, exploring, working with her speech students and following her bliss whenever at all possible.  She resides in the middle of cornfields and woods with her very supportive husband and kitty tribe in southern WI. 

she can be found at:


the next lovely artist is mary nassar

Mary is a painter and art educator living in the Greater St. Louis Area. She loves creating mixed-media paintings layered with maps and geologic drawings.
This work was inspired by her experiences taking walks and hikes outside, listening and reconnecting with nature.  

she can be found at:

(if you would like your art/photography referencing listening here, please email me with 1-2 attachments, your links + short bio to

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  1. mary ann mck says:

    thank you so much Rachel!! I really appreciate your blog, your work and for being such a beautiful soul! So glad our paths crossed! Xoxo maryann mckeating

  2. Rachel,
    Thank you so very much for featuring my paintings today on your lovely and inspiring blog! Your blog and art are delightful and full of joy!

  3. I really like both of your work Mary and Mary Ann. Thank you for sharing your work. Those pinks are swoonable!

  4. nacherluver says:

    Wonderful! I will be sure to visit both artists pages!

  5. Tammie Lee says:

    thank you for sharing the art of these two lovely people.

  6. Jess says:

    I love the cheery colours here! Thankyou Rachel for bringing these lovely people to our attention. xx

  7. Clare says:

    This is so sweet – to share other artists and finds with us. Hope your 2013 is playful, creative and filled with adventure. xox

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