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By Rachel Awes on December 5, 2014

this lovely artist is annie hayward

annie hayward holding my heart high(holding her heart high)

annie hayward spring love(spring love)

my entire life has been about creating works of art. born in england i grew up within an artistic family. my father was an artist and my mother a freelance writer. i grew up enjoying the inspiration of all the arts. music, writing and theatre have definitely had an influence on my journey of being an artist. i came to live in  eastbourne,new zealand at the age of fourteen and have lived here ever since. eastbourne is a pretty little seaside village near wellington and it provides a constant source of inspiration. the beach, the sea, the bush clad hills, the birds, flowers blooming at different seasons. people, their pets, reading books and poetry are all the multitude of ingredients that go into the big imaginative mixing bowl of my mind and then like magic an idea will pop out…which then, over a few weeks, evolves into an artwork!
if someone asked ‘what would i like to be remembered for’ i’d like to think i’d be thought of as an artist who via my artwork brought joy,love and inner sense hope into people’s lives…today…tomorrow and forever after.
i’m married to james, i have two gorgeous sons and furry pooch daughter called ruby…lucky me!

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if you would like your art/photography referencing listening here, please email me with 1-2 attachments, your links + short bio to

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