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By Rachel Awes on May 1, 2015

this lovely artist is stephanie marie jones

stephanie marie jones

stephanie marie jones 2015

stephanie marie jones is a visual artist and maker of all things colorful, random and happy. her artwork blends the intuitive inner child with the mature wisdom of an old soul, using bold color schemes that both nurture and indulge the senses.  heart-centered and often illustrative, her images evoke a sense of wonder and joy.

 a country girl from missouri turned minneapolis city girl, mary tyler moore style, stephanie’s deepest passions are her art and music.  whether she is painting, drawing, sewing, designing jewelry, up-cycling the latest thrifting find into a new treasure, or creating a new melody, she sees her purpose in life and in art as one and the same: to create more joy, as intuitively and as playfully as possible.

 artistically speaking, stephanie’s success can be attributed to her ability to take personal experiences, and turn them into creative visual storytelling that heals, soothes and inspires the soul.

 the past several years of her career have been dedicated to creating healing visual pieces commissioned by children’s hospitals in minneapolis and st. paul, and her artwork has been featured in various local hospitals, libraries, galleries and gift shops.

 she has always expressed her deepest soul intentions through her art and she fancies her work a love letter, “from my heart to yours”.  everything that she creates, both random and intentional, are all little love letters to the world, messages of hope, of color, of love. when her heart speaks, she listens, she creates…  and then she helps send these love letters out into the universe.

 stephanie now lives just outside the twin cities in shakopee, minnesota with her fiancé matt and their two kitties, bart and lisa. when she isn’t creating art in the studio, she can be found thrift-store shopping and making music with matt, who plays a mean guitar. on days when the weather is nice out, you might even spot them giving an impromptu trailside ukulele concert at a local park…she’ll be the one wearing wings.

    all are invited to her may/june show at olivet congregational church in st. paul, mn! her opening will be sunday may 3 at 11:30 in the parlor. her show will feature her latest exhibit, “love letters” –a collection of love-inspired art and writing.

her colorful creations and musings can be found in her etsy shop, and you can view her portfolio of commissioned artwork at

if you would like your art/photography referencing listening here, please email me with 1-2 attachments, your links + short bio to

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