Listening to You

By Rachel Awes on July 1, 2016

This inspired guest artist is Suzanne Vinson

suzanne vinson Belieeve


suzanne vinson dreamscape


suzanne v


suzanne l. vinson is a woman from the deep south now living in richmond, va with her love and two littles. suzanne loves pie and coffee, sunshine and the soil, and time gathered around the table telling stories.  she is on a mission to share love and healing through her art and life.

suzanne’s art reaches toward the light to encompass striking color stories in modern mixed media works, wisdom words, and soul care goods.  she is an ordained minister who has practiced art and spirituality, table fellowship, and soul care through art for many years.  she gathers folks around tables in her studio, home, and through retreats she leads.  her work is soul care, touching the spaces that need healing most.  suzanne’s care and devotion to listening to wisdom on a daily basis led her to create daily wisdom cards through her listening practice.  suzanne has cultivated her practice of listening to wisdom over anxious thoughts and the inner critic.  she shares what wisdom whispers, nudges, helps her intuit through her instagram posts, aiming to add delight and truth telling to your day.

tinged with shades of optimism, authenticity, and hope recognizing the sacred beauty in #theartofdailyliving, suzanne’s work is rooted in a commitment to the healing work of our hands.   she invites others to engage her work on a “soul roots” level, using wisdom cards as seeds for the soil of your soul.


If you would like your art/photography referencing listening here, please email me with 1-2 attachments, your links + short bio to

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