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By Rachel Awes on June 7, 2013

this lovely artist is
sarah donnell
sarah donnell is a visual artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in south australia.  she describes her art as a journey in healing, a reclaiming of childhood and the creative self. the inspiration and subject matter of her emotional themes are often derived from autobiography, relationships and the natural world and our place within it. sarah works in mixed media and uses traditional art materials to create all her artworks.

+ this lovely artist is
magaly perez

i’m an artist who loves to smudge her fingers in paint and make beautiful works of art on paper. and love to share all this beauty to the world. painting is intimate for me, the solitude of space, my paper, my acrylics and brushes. a connection where thoughts and feelings are making beautiful music together . sometimes they spill loudly across the page other times is like listening to blues lavishly rattling the motions in my soul. my heart, my mind are at a flow. the rhythm feels right and once i’m feeling the groove everything i need in that given moment is in place. and i know the story–the image has begun and i’m having fun.

if you would like your art/photography referencing listening here, please email me with 1-2 attachments, your links + short bio to

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  1. slsmyth says:

    Two such different styles…both equally appealing and evocative!

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