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By Rachel Awes on August 4, 2017

This dear artist is Sharon Stanley:

and look at her dear animals!

“I’m a mixed media artist/children’s author and I live with four chickens, three dogs, three cats, two grown boys and one husband on a working farm in Virginia. As long as I can remember I’ve made art. I have painted, pasted, stitched, stamped, collaged and quilted anything that doesn’t run.  I’ve  had pop up shops in barns, pig houses, old school houses, indoors, and out.
I absolutely love mixed media art.  Layering fragments of old text, wallpaper, and ephemera found in a dusty trunk or barn loft makes my heart race.
I believe everyone should have something colorful and beautiful to hang on their wall that makes them smile.  I also believe angels watch over us, that Santa visits on Christmas Eve, that comfortable shoes should be mandatory and makeup optional.  I believe your fear should never be bigger than your faith, that we should simplify whenever possible, and that we should stop the glorification of BUSY. Aside from making art, I love my family, ice cream, my little dog Olive, Christmas, rabbits, Jane Austen and thrift stores.  My favorite season is fall and I get excited every time I visit a fabric store or art supply store.”

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