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By Rachel Awes on June 1, 2018

This dear photographer is Kristine Ortega:

“It was the Summer of 1984, your typical hot and hazy New England Day.
I could smell the grass that had been mowed that morning. I could hear the traffic as it passed by. This is
when I knew writing would always be a part of my life. I was unsure in which form it would take, but I
knew stringing a line of words together felt like second nature. I remember the typewriter that I clicked
away at, transcribing my handwritten scribble. I had written ten poems with ease.
I always thought my poems were simple, not complex. I mostly wrote rhyming stanzas, but somehow
they worked. I would write about experiences, vacations, and special moments. I enjoyed telling a story,
with a beginning a middle and an end. At this time, another dozen poems were born.
Over the next few years, I would come across my poems covered in plastic cover sheets in an old wicker
basket, along with more of my writings. I often found myself reading them and putting them back,
knowing someday there would be a purpose for them.
Ten years passed and I was writing a book column for the company I was working for. It was bliss for me
to do the research for this column. This was only the beginning of where my words would take me.
During this time my new passion came to be, photography. Photography had always been an interest
but now I had found more confidence to move forward in this direction. I started with a film camera, and
moved into the digital age. I started with landscapes and nature, then moving on to portraits. This was
another area I found great comfort in. Therefore, my portfolio was created.
This brought me to every spare moment of writing poetry, exploring photography, taking online courses
and collaborating with other artists.
It was then, I realized what my writing and photography were truly for.”
Kristine lives in Boston, Massachusetts with her husband.


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