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By Rachel Awes on April 5, 2013

this lovely artist is:
yvonne stewart
yvonne stewart is a textile artist living and working in st andrews scotland. her work is whimsical and quirky and is often inspired by everyday things such as conversations and emotions. working in mixed media including gouache, ink, pencil and acrylic – yvonne creates  thoughtful little ladies and creatures living in their dream like worlds. a mixture of controlled painting combined with spontaneous mark making is typical of the style of yvonne whos artwork can also be found under the name of coramantic.

+ this lovely artist is:
aimee dolich

“I’ve loved color, words, writing, hand lettering and doodling for as long as I can remember, but for much of my life I kept all those things in separate jars. Then one day, I thought “Hmmm. What if…?” I tossed everything in a bowl, put the mixer on high, and I found that I liked living in my chaos of wordy color. So I stayed, and named it Artsyville. It’s my work, play and therapy all in one.”

etsy shop
artsyville blog

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  1. Sherry says:

    So lovely! Two different styles, two different uses of colour, both having a deep appeal! Thank you for sharing these artists and their work.

  2. kae pea says:

    Great share. Love both sooo much! Thank you for a dose of goodness.

  3. Thank you very much Rachel for the feature 🙂 I really like Aimees words, will go and have a deeper look at her work now, thanks again, Yvonne x

  4. aimee says:

    thank you so much, rachel! I love yvonne’s work — so happy to be featured alongside her! xo

  5. i love these whimsical styles
    and the hearts that pour out
    so effortlessly:)

  6. I love the softness of one and the vibrancy of the other equally!

  7. Oooh, one so delicate and the other so bold, but both amazingly beautiful and shout-out-loud fantastic! Never shut out the noise, Aimee. Rock on!

  8. Oh…I see this is the artist Yvonne Stewart. Sorry about that. I love her sweet art. I will now check out yours.

  9. Relyn Lawson says:

    I love these. I love this series, really. So many new friends to make.

  10. Serena says:

    I love Yvonnes work! I have a lovely piece of hers hanging in my home 🙂

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