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By Rachel Awes on November 1, 2013

this lovely artist is jodi hills
“my mom says that i wrote and painted from the age of 5 on… whatever i was feeling, happy or sad, i would go into my room and try to make sense of it… words were always my friends, my comfort….
my hardest times were when i was young, my father left, and was very mean before he did… yet, as usual, left before we stopped loving him…
but we all survive… and we do more than that, if we choose…
it took a long time to get to be comfortable with my own heart, my own story, to allow myself to feel vulnerable and open…
and i found the most comfort when i just exposed my heart through my work, then people started opening up their worlds, and i found we are all in this together.
when i write and when i paint, i don’t edit myself, i just let it flow – i need people to know that it’s honest, it’s true, and i think that’s what they respond to…”
jodi hills

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  1. Sherry Smyth says:

    I hear what Jodi says about her past…and finding comfort when she exposes her heart through her work…and her work is incredible. Thanks for sharing her here Rachel.

    • Rachel Awes says:

      oh sherry, aren’t her words beautiful about her past + her process?!
      i’m so with you about her incredibleness. thank you for saying so!

  2. I won’t be safe but I will be saved”….so powerful
    and beautiful and engaging.
    thanks for sharing this gorgeous heart,

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