Lucy, Kelly Rae, and YOU!

By Rachel Awes on November 7, 2016

I had the great honor of being invited by my dear friend, Sister Lucy, to cofacilitate a circle of people and celebrate their magnificence, as inspired from pages in the book The Great Green Okayness. Following this circle, I stole Lucy away for a few minutes to surprise her for her 80th birthday, and her response to the gifts were the best! I had a laundry basket full of colorful clothing from Gudrun Sjoden friends, who had sent scarves & other amazing garments for me to give her. Lucy said this was the happiest day of her life! She spun in circles! She sang! She kept saying she didn’t know how to thank them all. She said she will think of this bin of scarves as her play scarves and is already dreaming about how she will play with them with others to help them to embrace their precious lives.




Next, I’ll be traveling to Portland, Oregon, and joining my fantabulous friend, Kelly Rae Roberts, in her home for a Great Green Okayness girlfriend gathering. I can hardly wait! (You can see the amazingness she rocks the world with here: Kelly Rae) and I’ll share more about this when I return!

If you would like to help spread word of our deep magnificence and swing open your doors to one of these gatherings (for women and for men!) by inviting friends over and I join in, facilitating conversation about magnificence, please write me at

With all my love XOX, Rachel

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