By Rachel Awes on March 23, 2015

heads up…this post has a shiza word in it!

manage 96

there were all kinds of interesting conversation had this past fall with my tattoo artist. my friends lori + liv were with me + asking him all kinds of questions to distract me from my pain! one of the questions was if he ever makes mistakes + then how he handles it. he said that of course he does but he doesn’t let on to the client + secretly tells himself to manage + get that shit done! we used that statement for the rest of our few days together! i share this art now, as i am embarking on the sizeable task of beginning my next book. when i feel tempted to dilly dally on social media or staring at the frig, i remind myself to get writing. this kind of project is a long haul + i need such guidance to muscle + might my way through.

into your hands. into your profoundly important hands the pages must go.

all with love xox, rachel

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