Meeting Gudrun & friends in NYC

By Rachel Awes on May 29, 2017

It was a DREAM to meet and be alongside Gudrun Sjoden, clothing designer extraordinaire from Sweden, as well as other deeply bright lights!

Click on these names and come to know these AMAZING women! I think of something Maya Angelou wrote… that all we see in others is all possible within each of us. May they remind you of YOUR glory & might & bright light. May we lift each other up always.

Mariama Camara Valerie Lemaine Deborah Cohan Betti Zucker Kelly Rae Roberts Rachel Awes

Georgie Badiel Gudrun Sjoden SARK

While on the trip, my roomy, sister ambassador, and dear friend, Kelly Rae Roberts, & I received a love letter, thanking us for sharing the colors of who we are, encouraging someone who has been afraid to show up as she is, in full color… and now feeling more ready to do the same. Her letter was a treasure and resonated deeply. As a Gudrun Sjödén America ambassador, THIS truly is the deepest message/walk/wardrobe. To walk, arm in arm, lifting each other up as we beautifully, truly are. We can all do this!

It was soul food to meet my longtime inspiration, SARK, and watch such a friendship become so beautifully real.

Love really does lift you higher! Chase after it with all your heart & soul! It begins with the seemingly small things. With selecting a magic marker that makes you happy. A garment that feels like you. Writing a few authentic words in your journal or a whole book. Anything that makes your heart flutter. And then commit your life to this direction– to feeling alive. (Kelly Rae, SARK, and I leaping in SOHO – I L?VE them each wildly, & don’t believe I would have been leaping here without all these life-giving selections beforehand.)

Valerie, Kelly Rae, and I (LOVED meeting Valerie for the first time! Such a GIFT to be surprised with a new treasured friend).

ohhhhh, and the beautiful dance of Deborah Cohan! both her actual dance & the dance of her life! LOVE!

Friends, then there was this great gift of having make-up done for a photo shoot by the Emmy award-winning Roberto Casey!

And perfectly wrapping up the week in front of the ocean in Queens with my friend & Gudrun’s US director, lovely Naheima Sears, with a rainbow meditation.

Shared with all my love, joy, and gratitude, for all these bright lights, and for the yellow ball of sun undeniably burning within YOU. XOX

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