my heart told me to grow bigger, still.

By Rachel Awes on February 27, 2012

inspired by connie from ‘s let loose course through, + by this tug inside, i painted. sending love out to all that is beckoning within you. xox

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  1. aimee says:

    I love seeing your work in biggie acrylics! It looks so different and at the same time still so Rachel! Big big love!

  2. Mary says:

    Rachel how big is this?
    it is wonderful, your color combinations just sing…your work…simplicity with so much depth.


  3. Yael says:

    You already have such a big and beautiful heart Rachel…

  4. rachel awes says:

    mary, it’s 19.5 X 30 🙂

  5. Isabel says:

    Love this new piece and the words,love those colors my fav:O) have an awesome day:O)

  6. A big, giant heart needs appropriate accommodations. 🙂 Beautiful, calming colors. xoxoxo

  7. Kim Mailhot says:

    Beautiful things come from such beautiful inspiration ! So glad you are following that tugging…
    Happy Monday, Artist Girl !

  8. Trish says:

    Love it! Your work is so beautiful in its simplicity…the colors are gorgeous.
    Much love

  9. “still”….I love
    how that one word
    gathers up
    all the other words
    and colors
    and lines
    and tells their story
    so beautiful and strong.
    Altogether lovely, rachel:)
    heart stretching up tall with joy
    over this
    and you,

  10. I love that your heart tells you to grow bigger still….. AND i love that you listen to your heart. Oh how I love you sweet girl!!!!

  11. Wonderful words Rachel! Hearts can grow bigger and more love will come! :o)
    Jess x

  12. Laura says:

    beautiful Rachel!

  13. Relyn says:

    I bet dear Connie is absolutely giddy. What a wonderful compliment to inspire one of your works.

  14. i think i am addicted to your happiness Rachel. It’s in all your creations!
    xo sandra

  15. Eydie says:

    Love the colors
    Love your big beautiful heart.

  16. Piarom says:

    I love this style alot and eminently your big heart

  17. I’m proud of my heart. It has been played, hurt, and broken, but it still works!

  18. wanda miller says:

    i thought for sure i had left a message over here…my heart was swelling! must have been on fb, or else i just can’t keep up anymore, ha! you already have such a big heart, it’s good you’re helping others’ hearts get BIGGER. BIGG HUGGS to YOU! XO

  19. Jenny Blair says:

    oh such beautiful bold colours, just like the message you send. Your turquoise hands touch the world and spread BIG love:)xx

  20. lori vliegen says:

    your heart is growing you by leaps and bounds, sweet art sister!! i love this! xox

  21. It’s no surprise to me that you will continue to grow that heart of yours bigger and bigger, because you are that dear sweet girl Rachel!!!! Your heart inspires mine Rachel.

    ♥♥♥Lee Ann

  22. this speaks to me, too … ooooh, i get that!

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