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By Rachel Awes on June 27, 2016

Here is a glimpse into “The Great Green Okayness” book signing last week in The Cupping Room cafe in SOHO, New York City – SO MUCH FUN and I’m deeply grateful!

the great green okayness book signing cupping room cafe

Heavenly it was, with Jessica, Dallas, Kathleen, Judi, Anne, Sarah, Natasha, myself, Beth, and Jen! (and Karin, pictured further below!)

beth and rachel

Here I am with my cousin Beth, who I haven’t seen since childhood – SO meaningful!

jen lee and rachel awes

Awesome friend, filmmaker, and matchmaker of the kindred kind, Jen Lee!

kathleen nesi betti zucker sarah g m and rachel awes

I made these amazing friends in New York, who work for the store Gudrun Sjoden, and we are wearing clothes from that amazing place! (I really did fall in love with both the clothes AND them! Mad love!)

betti zucker and rachel awes

Betti Zucker ROCKS. Look at her gorgeous earring!

rachel awes sarah greene martinez the great green okayness

And here is Sarah, buying my book. I fell fast and hard for Sarah. See the dress I’m wearing? She GAVE it to me off her back when I first visited their store. They were out of my size in this “papaya” dress and she wanted me to have it. WHO DOES THIS?!

betti zucker necklace on rachel awes

The “Bee An Angel” necklace was made by/gift from Betti, and flower necklace is Gudrun Sjoden

rachel awes and karin karlander

And here is Karin, SOHO’s Gudrun manager, and my crazy gorgeous gift of a new friend.

I’ve fallen so in love with this shop, I’ve begun a new Pinterest page for it that you can see HERE

and as always, you can find The Great Green Okayness books HERE

My dear friend, Aimee of Artsyville, couldn’t make it to the Cupping Room but was able to travel to SOHO a different day and we had fun adventuring around the neighborhood.

aimee dolich and rachel awes

New York was amazing – friendly, dazzling, heavenly. The remainder of my time there was spent having a blast with my family. I’m left with an Empire State of grateful.

nyc awes4 empire state

All my love, xox Rachel (next up – Brave Girls Symposium in Boise, Idaho July 6… Currently putting together exclusive triple love packs for their marketplace – – can’t wait!)

triple love pack rachel awes


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