painting flowers

By Rachel Awes on July 9, 2012

hoping flowers into your summer + heart.
she is happily living in new t-shirts i’ve ordered ~
for now she’s etsy added as a print w/love

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  1. kae pea says:

    This is one of the happiest illustrations ever. I love and adore it and when I get moved and my business situated, I shall have this hanging somewhere in my realm. xokp

  2. Dee says:

    I have to tell you I now have a new favorite of your art. 🙂

  3. Isabel says:

    just love this one LOVE!!!!!!:O)

  4. Mary says:

    So love this…want a t-shirt when they come available.

  5. there aren’t enough words
    for love.
    there just aren’t.
    i’d need several of them
    all strung together
    like pretty beads
    or prayer flags
    to get it all out
    for this;)
    i do love this
    and you,

  6. Oh this one is for artist for sure, Happy creating all over the wall. Love it! 😀

  7. christy says:

    thank you for the hope, the love…the flowers! they made my day! here’s to more blooming good days for you too my dear!

  8. elizabeth says:

    What a happy summer t-shirt! I can just see it!

  9. Tammie Lee says:

    ah, so charming

  10. I love your previous post Listening to you! It’s wonderful and now this delicious bit of summer. I adore the colors. There are so uplifting and fun. Hope that you are enjoying your summer my friend. Sending you much love and happy thoughts.

  11. Yael says:

    What a lovely thought – to hope flowers into my heart! I think I can do that… 🙂

  12. aimee says:

    i looooooove this painted lady! can’t wait to see the t-shirt!

  13. Marcie says:

    Oh..I just love this! It speaks to happiness and joy and – yes – summer!!

  14. Relyn says:

    Your work always, always makes me smile. I feel like this can be a picture of what a good teacher does. She takes her paint bucket full of knowledge and paints inspiration onto the white board for the kids to soak up. At least, that’s what I hope to do.

  15. Piarom says:

    Ohhh I love your paining girl soooo much!! your art is always a happiness-maker ;))

  16. Whoa. Lovely and vibrant. I’ll totally buy your t=shirt when I see it in stores. Congratulations.

  17. I enjoyed looking at the many wall paintings that you have done. Not being very handy with a paintbrush, even though
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  18. You really have an interesting and unique ideas doing your artworks. I just love the juicy colors that you chose. Keep it up!

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