Peace & Love

By Rachel Awes on May 16, 2016

We are the glorious canvas to write upon…


front rachel awes

back rachel awes

rachel awes front vest may 2016

rachel awes back of vest

Sending out a confetti of permission tickets to paint your clothes (& furniture), revise your story’s narrative, cook a new recipe, remember the old recipe, choose to be near what and who delight your senses, be an agent of peace & love, listen to what your life is telling you – to obey your heart & soul.

With all my love, XOX Rachel


In other news, here are the happenings “on my block” this week: Friday, May 20, 6-9 pm, I’ll be signing books at Art A Whirl in the Kolman & Pryor Gallery, Suite 395, Northrup King Building 1500 Jackson St NE MPLS MN – I hope to see you there! And today, May 16, I’ll be at the Arts & Healing event at Woodbury Senior Living, reading The Great Green Okayness book to seniors, accompanied by music therapist “serenaders”, singing recommended songs from the playlist in the book between readings to them! This whole combination makes my heart melt, friends! I’ll be wrapping up this week with turning 50 – what a glorious age! I find myself inordinately grateful to be here and to encounter each of you along the precious way.


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